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shenga holige

Shenga Holige | Sweet Peanut Pancake

Course festival cooking, festive treats
Cuisine karnataka
Keyword karnataka recipes, shenga holige, sweets
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Author Jayashree


To make the dough

  1. Take the flour and semolina in a wide bowl. Mix well. Add ghee, mix , add little water and make it into a dough of medium consistency. Smear oil , cover with a thin muslin cloth and keep aside for fifteen minutes.

To make the filling

  1. Roast the groundnuts and let cool. Discard the skin by crushing with hand or rolling pin.Break the jaggery into small bits.Grind the groundnut coarsely. Add jaggery and cardamom to it and pound it well. Put it in a bowl and keep aside.

To make the pancake:

  1. Take a small ball of the dough, roll it into a small circle. 

  2. Mix the filling, take a small portion of it, squeeze it between the palm and make into a small ball. 

  3. Put it into the centre and slowly seal the edges together. 

  4. Dust it with flour and roll it.

  5. Heat a skillet. Smear little oil on the rolled pancake and put it on the skillet. 

  6. Put some oil and roast until brown spots are visible. Flip to the other side. Remove it and repeat for the remaining dough.