Review of Sviten Natural Sweetener and Salsa recipe

salsa sviten natural sweetener, salsa recipe Review of Sviten Natural Sweetener and Salsa recipe salsa7

Being fit and healthy is essential for all of us. It is only then we can enjoy our life. Little changes in lifestyle goes a long way, one needs to practice it regularly for a few days  and soon it becomes a habit.

Sugar is not good for health. It leads to many diseases including rise in cholesterol level. It brings in added calories. Moreover, eating sugar regularly becomes an addiction. It should be avoided by calorie conscious people and those suffering from diabetics. Sviten is a natural sweetener which has zero calories. It is made from the leaf of a plant called Stevia. It is a natural sweetener, which is in use since 200 years. It is thus safe to use by pregnant ladies, sports persons, diet conscious people, children  and those suffering from diabetes. (more…)