Healthy Tomato Soup/ how to make nutritious tomato soup

healthy tomato soup healthy tomato soup Healthy Tomato Soup/ how to make nutritious tomato soup tomato soup5 672x372

Winter brings with it its own charm and beauties. Good weather, whole array of veggies in the market and a lot of holidays. There is no dearth for any veggies, some veggies are at throw away prices. One such is tomato. Try this version of Healthy Tomato Soup, bright colour, tastes good and healthy too. (more…)

Spicy chipotle chili corn soup

Spicy Chipotle Chili Corn Soup spicy chipotle chili corn soup Spicy chipotle chili corn soup soup1 672x372

I love this month, the climate is pleasant and as the year comes to an end, it’s time for some celebrations and parties. Winter calls for hot soups and crispy fries. Continuing with my Mexican Cuisine, today I present to you  Spicy Chipotle Chili Corn Soup. It’s delicious and guilt free. Believe me, I tried to do with less cream and it tastes equally good. (more…)

Sweet corn vegetable soup

sweeet corn vegetable soup is ready sweet corn vegetable soup Sweet corn vegetable soup scvsoup9 672x372

Soup is the diet food of many  people today. I also prefer soup to many other fried snacks. It is ideal to have on cold evenings. It  makes a complete and heart warming meal anytime. Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup is a tasty and healthy Indo Chinese soup.  (more…)

Cream of Tomato soup

Appetisers are anything, food and drink that are served before the food, which are considered to increase the pangs of hunger. These are usually served during parties and it can include a whole array of juices, soups and tasty snacks which are usually eaten in just a few nibbles. This “Appetisers”  marks a new category in my blog. Today I present to you  “Cream of Tomato Soup”.