Mango Kulfi

It’s the season of mangoes and I find every reason to use this wonderful fruit. When the theme for the blog hop was chosen with this one, everyone was pretty excited, Today , I am presenting you with mango kulfi which is just too good. (more…)

Custardapple milkshake

Custard apple,a seasonal fruit, creamy, sugary  and pulpy is loved by many except the mess of eating it .It is considered to be the fruit of the Lords. It is a delicious fruit ideal to make desserts.The seeds are a menace to eat  Oh!  boy,  but choose the one with bigger eyes and you are going to love it.

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 Custard apple 2

milk chilled 2 glasses

sugar 1 tsp

 vanilla milk powder 1 tsp

custardapple milksake  Custardapple milkshake DSC01684 pixlr 1024x768

something differnt !

Method :

Remove the pulp from the seeds. Blend all the ingredients together. Serve chilled.