Refreshing summer drink

It’s the season of melons. Muskmelon and pear together make a great combination for a refreshing drink. The peach colour of the drink is simply irresetible!


half a musk melon, cut into chunks

one pear cut into chunks

a glass of milk

Refreshing summer drink DSC01607 300x225


Put the fruits and milk in a liquidiser and blend together. Serve chilled.

I found this book of the good of the goodness vegetarianism and thought shall share the link:

Pear Milkshake

I  tried making a new variety of milkshake and I must say that it will be an affair for sometime. Pears are a wonderful and passionate fruit. They taste good with fruit salads. But something new was in mind and soon I took a pear and sliced into chunks. Put two glasses of cold milk and two teaspoon of vanilla flavoured milk powder. Blended all the ingredients together and served in two glasses. It was awesome! 

Here’s a good book for gearing up children on their communication skills :