Mango and coconut delight for fathers day

June 21 is Father’s Day. A day we need to dedicate to the most important man who help us in bringing up.Mother’s have always played an important role in our lives. We love their cooking and the way they handle the situations, they are the one to whom we share all our joys and sorrows, they seem to be our best friends. But unknowingly we take the man who supports us all for granted. The unconditional love to his children, constantly bringing in new stuff at home and one who never bothers to spend on himself, a special place he holds in the heart of the members of the family. Today, on this ” Fathers Day Special ” of GKT I attribute this post to my dad. (more…)


Aamrakhand,  delicacy of hung curd infused with mango puree is a Maharashtrian dish. It is similar to Shrikhand, the only difference being the addition of mango puree here. It can be used with the indian flat bread as chapati or puri or even as a dessert. (more…)

Mango Kulfi

It’s the season of mangoes and I find every reason to use this wonderful fruit. When the theme for the blog hop was chosen with this one, everyone was pretty excited, Today , I am presenting you with mango kulfi which is just too good. (more…)