Brown rice with beet and sprouts

My advent with brown rice landed me to this recipe. The first time I made it I was sceptical and knew it was a disaster, but alas ! it was awesome and since then have made it couple of times. Brown rice with beet and sprouts, tasty one pot meal , serve it with any...
Beetroot halwa / beet pudding

Beetroot halwa / beet pudding

Beetroot are another supernatural food that we need to include in our diet. There are many dishes that we can do with this magical vegetable. From salads to desserts,it can be incorporated in various ways. Here is beetroot halwa which is a sweet delicacy that can be...

Ragi idli /Finger millet idli

Everyday, it is a dilemma to choose a menu that is liked by all at home. Moreso, in the days when we are thinking of healthy eating. As we ring into the new year, I plan to bring in more healthy  recipes for you. .Today on the eve of new year, I bring to you all,Ragi...

Groundnut chutney

Groundnut chutney is a very tasty accompaniment that can be served with idli or dosa. It was during last winter that I first made it, and since then , it has become a routine. Usually, roasted groundnuts are grinded with  green chillies  and salt along with a little...

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