Cornflakes Bhel, healthy twist

cornflakes bhel cornflakes bhel Cornflakes Bhel, healthy twist cornflakes bhel4

Chaats are always welcome at home. They are cherished and enjoyed by both the children. Here is a twist to the usual Bhel Puri. Cornflakes Bhel is a healthy twist to the usual one. It makes a good snack to binge in the evenings. (more…)

Ragda Patties

Ragda Paatis is a very popular chaat . It is a one filling meal. It can be easily prepared if you have the soaked peas. Potato tikkis or patties are prepared and served with a delectable dish of peas, topped  with various chutneys.

With this dish on mind, I was on the look out for this recipe from various sources. Nothing seemed to appease me.Atlast, I prepared my sister Gayatri’s  recipe and it turned out awesome. Without much ado let me take you to the recipe. This post is also a part of our Culinary Hoppers Team with the theme “Chaats “

Ragada Patties  Ragda Patties Ragda Patties

Ragada Patties

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  • sweet chutney
  • green chutney

                                          Sweet Chutney

dates tamarind chutney  Ragda Patties DSC01581 300x225

dates tamarind chutney

Green Chutney

Green chutney  Ragda Patties DSC01577 300x225

Green chutney


For Ragda

dry peas 1/4 kg

onion 2 finely  cut

tomato 3 finely cut

coriander or dhania powder 2tsp

garam masala powder 1tsp

chilli powder 1 tsp

salt to taste

ginger garlic paste 1 tsp (fresh)

oil 1tbsp

Ragda  Ragda Patties DSC02658 300x225


For the patties

  • potato 1/2kg
  • cornflour 2tbsp
  • green chilly 4
  • coriander 1/2 bunch
  • salt to taste
  • oil for shallow frying

4patties  Ragda Patties patties 300x205

patties ready  Ragda Patties patties ready 300x225Note : Patties kept on the skillet are rightly cooked. The picture below was taken prior and I was unable to taken another picture again.

For serving :

  • green chutney
  • sweet chutney
  • small sev

Let’s get cooking Ragda Patties in steps :

To make ragda

  • Boil peas in a pressure cooker for three whistles. They should be tender.
  • Take oil in a kadai and saute the onions until translucent. Add the ginger garlic paste and let cook for some time. Then, add the tomatoes and allow to cook for sometime.
  • Add the coriander powder, garam masala , chilli powder and salt. Mix well. Allow the spices to blend together.
  • Mash the peas with the ladle and mix into the kadai. Allow to cook for sometime on slow flame.
  • Remove and keep aside.
Ragda  Ragda Patties DSC02658 300x225


patties  Ragda Patties patties 300x205


To make patties :

  • Boil the potatoes and keep aside.
  • Peel the skin and mash them. It is good to add cold water, peel and mash. Allowing them to cool, makes them hard.
  • Make a paste of coriander and green chilly.
  • Mix corn flour, paste and salt together.
  • Heat a flat skillet.
  • Make round,flat thick balls as tikkis.
  • Smear a little oil on the skillet and keep these tikkis.
  • On a slow flame, cook them on both sides until golden brown in colour.

Take a note :

  • Keeping the  flame low  ensures  even  cooking of the patties.
  • You can make around seven to eight  at a time.

To serve :

Take a plate and arrange two patties on it. Pour two tablespoon of prepared ragda over them. Add some sweet chutney and green chutney over it. Finally, decorate with sev and serve ragda patties.

Ragada Patties  Ragda Patties Ragda Patties

Ragada Patties

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Chaats time with Dahi Puri

Chaats are much loved by my kids and when the theme of our bloghop was decided with this one, I had so many in my mind. But soon, it was Dahi Puri and Ragada Pattis I satisfied myself with. Today, one can enjoy all the tasty  chaats from Culinary Hoppers.

These chaats are very popular in North India. From samosas to raj kachori and bhel puri a lot of variety are prepared. Curds is used as an additional topping in some of these recipes. Here is one such kind.

Dahi Puri is quiet similar to Sev Puri, the addition of  spicedyoghurt (Dahi)and the use of puffed puris (golgappa puris)  makes all the difference. One can easily make it if you have the chutneys and a few other ingredients.

Dahi Puri  Chaats time with Dahi Puri Dahi Puri

Dahi Puri

Ingredients :

  • puffed small puris 12
  • boiled potatoes 2
  • onion 1
  • red chilli powder 1to 2 tsp
  • rock salt (optional)
  • dates tamarind chutney
  • green chutney
  • curd 1/2 bowl
  • chaat masala 1/2 tsp
  • small sev for topping

To make :

  • Mash the potatoes and mix it with a little salt and chilly powder.
  • Chop the onion finely.
  • Beat the curds and mix it with chat masala, chilli powder and rock salt.
  • Diluteboth  the chutney with little water.
  • Take six puris and slowly break a little at the top, to make an opening.
  • Arrange them in a plate.
  • Fill each one of them with a little potato mixture and onions.
  • Add half a tea spoon of the chutneys and top with sev.
  • Finally, add a little of yoghurt mix into each of them and serve immediately. As the curds is added, they will turn soggy.

To make dates chutney  and  green chutney click  on the name or picture.

Sweet Chutney (Dates Tamarind Chutney)

dates tamarind chutney  Chaats time with Dahi Puri DSC01581 150x150

sweet chutney


                                                        Green chutney

Green chutney  Chaats time with Dahi Puri DSC01577 150x150

Green chutney



Dahi Puri  Chaats time with Dahi Puri Dahi Puri

Dahi Puri

                           Happy  Cooking !!


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Bhelpuri favourite chaat

Chaats are an all time favourite of one and all. The very thought of this sets the tingling taste and pangs of hunger. As I reach my fifty posts on this site , I thought of introducing this new tasty section as a way of thankyou to all my readers for all the support . I would be happy to have your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. 

Chaats was first started in Maharashtra and Gujarat. But, with the changing food trends it has become popular in all parts more so with teenagers. The hot and spicy masaledar taste is so good that we always crave for more. It is ideal for evening snacks or dinner.

bhelpuri  Bhelpuri favourite chaat DSC01585 1024x768


Bhelpuri, sevpuri,dahi batata puri, ragda patties, masala puri, dahi papdi and papdi chaat are some of the popular ones.

As I proceed further, today I present to you all the all time favourite “Bhelpuri”

Chaats usually involve the making of three kinds of chutneys. They are the sweet chutney, red chutney and the green chutney.

Sweet Chutney

You need 10 dates deseeded,   a lemon size ball oftamarind , 1/4 tsp cumin seeds,  a small bowl of jaggery, black salt, regular salt

Soak the tamarind in water and extract the pulp. Boil the dates along DSC01581  Bhelpuri favourite chaat DSC01581 300x225

with the pulp,jaggery ,cumin seeds and black salt for ten minutes. Allow to cool. Put in a mixie and make it to a smooth paste.

Green Chutney

You need a bunch of coriander , half a cluster of mint, 10 green chillies, salt

Wash the coriander and mint leaves and let dry. Then grind all the ingredients to together.

Handy hint: Adding water will reduce the shelf life of it. Hence add little water to the required quantity when using it.

DSC01577  Bhelpuri favourite chaat DSC01577 300x225DSC01579  Bhelpuri favourite chaat DSC01579 300x225

Red Chutney

I have heard that some of them soak dry red chillies in water and then grind with cloves of garlic. But I pound red chilli powder with cloves of garlic and salt in the small jar.

This is the conclusion of the first round of preparations.

Ingredients that you need for the making of bhe lpuri are:

  • murmura 
  • 1 bowl of finely chopped onions
  • 1 bowl of finely chopped tomatoes
  • 2 boiled potatoes ,cut into cubes
  • small sev available in market
  • small puris available in market ( I don’t make them)
  • sweet chutney
  • green chutney
  • red chutney
  • a little bit of salt

To proceed:

Take a wide bowl and put murmura into it. Now add the sweet chutney, diluted green chutney, diluted red, sev , onions and mix slowly. Later add potatoes and puris broken into bits.  Lasly add tomatoes,Mix again and serve immediately.DSC01585  Bhelpuri favourite chaat DSC01585 300x225

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy cooking !