Brown rice with beet and sprouts

My advent with brown rice landed me to this recipe. The first time I made it I was sceptical and knew it was a disaster, but alas ! it was awesome and since then have made it couple of times. Brown rice with beet and sprouts, tasty one pot meal , serve it with any...

Brown rice pongal

I have earlier mentioned that I am trying various kind of dishes with brown rice.  This Brown rice pongal is awesome and it’s become a quick meal for me to make at night.  Here, as the lentil and  rice are cooked together, the taste of the brown rice is much...

Brown rice biryani

Feeling awesome, I am on my way to healthy eating. Brown rice (hulled or unmilled ) is much used in my kitchen these days.The  brown rice is the simplest and healthiest form of rice. Here only the outer layer is removed and thus all the nutrients are present. If the...

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