I love this month, pleasant climate, many celebrations and holidays. It’s that time of the year where we bake goodies and make new resolutions. We look forward to new beginnings again. As usual, my favourite recipe for you with seasons greetings to all of you. May the year ahead be filled with immense joy and happiness.  (more…)


Welcome to our very first Christmas tree trimming party. This is collaboration from across many miles. From Canada, the United States to India and France. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to enjoy our selection of Christmas recipes. You will find recipes for breakfast, appetizer, dinner and dessert. You cannot go wrong with a vast selection like this.

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Merry Christmas

My name is Sarah and I’m the French one here 😉 I am delighted and excited and very happy to be part of this Christmas! I blog at The Cook whoPhotographed and I recentlyswitchedmydiet to a vegetarianone.  I inventrecipes, which are mostlyvegan or vegetarian and gluten free. I try to feedmyselfwithhealthyorganicfoods, home grown or local grownfoods. I studyintellectualpropertylawalongwithbeing a foodphotographer. I love cooking too and all I wishis to communicatemy passion for good and healthyfood. I come from France, a country wherefoodphotographyis not as popular as itisoverseas. I workwith Stock Food and maybesomeday, I’llbe able to host workshops and feedmyfamilythanks to my passion.

You canfollow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle + and Tumblr (pretty much everywhere).

Please enjoy this link to my gluten free, dairy free Christmas Breakfast.

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Hi I am Anu and my blog is . Although our beliefs are different, we as a family definitely enjoy the holiday season and Christmas day. As soon as lights go up in the neighborhood, the festive spirit and anticipation of the celebration begins! My daughters love decorating the Christmas tree, writing to Santa and await eagerly for their presents. My younger daughter who is 6 for sure believes in Santa and insists on placing a snack and a carrot in the kitchen ready for his visit 🙂 There have been times when either myself or my husband are at work and therefore don’t get to become involved with any happenings. If otherwise however, we tend to invite friends over for dinner, since our families live in India.


My dishes I’m presenting here are – vegan, gluten-free beverage and dessert – Persimmon Banana Smoothie and a Raw Persimmon Tart. I am so excited to be sharing this with you all. Determining the dishes which had to be vegan and gluten-free was a challenge, however I do hope you will enjoy my dishes. Merry Christmas to you all! Let the party begin!

Please find the links to my recipes below:


Hello, I am Jayashree from India. I am extremly happy to be part of this party again. Thank you Cherie Chalmers for bringing these events. I am a foodie and I love cooking and trying my hand at new dishes. Its been four years since I started my writing journey. After writing on various sites, I now have my own website  I also write poetry and a few poems have been published.

Here is the link to my Christmas cutlets recipe

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Hi, my name is Laurie Barrie and I have been gluten free all my life. I am a wife, mom, and grandma and love cooking up yummy recipes in my kitchen. I am sharing an appetizer and a dessert for your holiday delight. My first offering is gluten & dairy free honey teriyaki meatballs in the shape of a Christmas tree and my second is a gluten& dairy free dark chocolate cupcake with candy cane whipped frosting. Please stop by my blog at and stay a while. Life’s too short to eat bad food, so let’s cook up something yummy!

Here are the links to my recipes, enjoy


 Merry Christmas my name is Cherie and I blog at I welcome you to our Christmas Tree Trimming party. I have organized this post for all of us as I love Christmas and I am very excited to share our recipes with you. I had plans for more recipes but life got in the way, so my contribution is gluten and dairy free Mint Christmas Tree Meringues and a Chocolate Mint & Raspberry Deconstructed Pavlova Parfaits. As I sit here enjoying my own tree I wish you many memories while you put up your own. Some traditions are just so important to our lives

You can find my post at the following link.

Thank you for joining us this Christmas; I am sure we will be back at a later date in the new year for another special event in our lives. Are you looking for recipes for your Christmas Dinner. Please check out our collaboration from Thanksgiving at the following link.

Have the merriest of Christmas Seasons from Cherie, Jayashree, Laurie, Sarah and Anu



welcome to autumn harvest party !


You are going to enjoy the wonderful contributions from my fellow blog friends. This is truly a dinner from across the miles, with bloggers from sunny L.A., and the Bay Area of California, Saginaw Michigan, Idaho,India, France, and British Columbia Canada.

We look forward to having you join us in the venture that we have worked on for the past month. We hope you enjoy the beautiful dishes, the story of each of us, and the beautiful photography that brings it all together. We hope you enjoy our complete meal that all seven of us have been working on together. We will start out with a beautiful tablescape just perfect for you and your guests. Nothing makes a meal taste better than being seated at a carefully created place setting. You will enjoy the varied components of our meal, and finish with a warm and cozy dessert. Thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoy our first virtual dinner. We look forward to hearing from those of you who enjoy this creative meal.

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Autumn Harvest Tablescape:

Hi my name is Sandra Garth.  I design tablescapes as well as dessert buffets.  I’ve been a cake decorator for over 25 years and also enjoy styling parties.  It’s a pleasure to meet you. I used warm autumn colors for this table that could easily last for the season. It’s fancy enough for a holiday and casual enough for everyday. The napkins and stemware could easily be swapped out if you become bored with the setting.        


Gluten and Dairy Free Honey-Oat Rolls

Hi all, my name is Laurie Barrie and I blog about all things gluten-free. I was diagnosed gluten intolerant at the age of two, so consider yourself somewhat lucky, there was really nothing edible on the market for the past 40 years! I chose to create a dinner roll recipe because everyone used to ooh & awe about my grandmother’s rolls that I could never eat. I think she would have approved of my gluten & dairy-free Honey-Oat Rolls.
My blog name is…oney-oat-rolls/ ‎ 

Appie from Sarah

I am delighted and excited and very happy to be part of this Autumn Harvest collaboration! My name is Sarah and I’m the French one here 😉 Since I also cooked a red Kuri squash and carrot pie for this Autumn Harvest collaboration, I suggest that you scroll down a bit if you would like to read more about me J

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Main Course: Gluten Free Stuffed Pork Roast  with a side of Crispy Roast Potatoes

Welcome to our Autumn Harvest Virtual Dinner Party. My name is Cherie and I blog at I have been blogging about a year and a half and am always learning new things as I go. I have a very restricted diet that I follow to help improve my health so I started blogging so that I could share my journey to good health and wellness. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease and also with multiple food allergies. This makes eating out very challenging so for me there is nothing better than a safely prepared home cooked meal. I usually end up having a salad when I am out as it is hard getting food that is not cross contaminated (but that is a blog by itself). In Autumn I find we start to cook comfort food again after a summer of light meals from the barbeque and garden. My contribution to this virtual dinner is gluten free stuffed pork roast and a side of crispy roasted potatoes. The stuffing is a blend of spinach, dates, apple, red onion and gluten free bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon?  Welcome and I hope you enjoy!

Salad:  Fall Harvest Roasted Pear, Walnut and Kale Salad

I’m the Page in the food blog, Tasting Page, and I have the good fortune of working out of sunny Los Angeles where we have access to a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. I try and eat food that grows from the ground, instead of ingredients that come out of a box or off an assembly line. While fall in LA may not bringing much of a change of season, there is still a subtle shift as nights turn a little cooler and vegetables turn warmer to pumpkins and squash. I especially love when pears come into season. They’re so versatile. I like them in a morning smoothie, stuffed in a pie, or here I roasted them with just a little honey to round out a kale salad tossed with beautiful red walnuts. Enjoy during your Thanksgiving or fall celebration. For more real food recipes, connect with me on FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram.


Kuri Squash Side

I’m delighted to be part of this Autumn Harvest collaboration. I’m Sarah and I blog at The Cook who Photographed. I invent recipes, which are mostly vegan or vegetarian and gluten free. I try to feed myself with healthy organic foods, home grown or local grown foods and I never eat meat. I study intellectual property law along with being a food photographer. I love cooking too and all I wish is to communicate my passion for good and healthy food. I come from France, a country where food photography is not as popular as it is overseas. I work with StockFood and maybe some day, I’ll be able to host workshops and feed my family thanks to my passion.

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Spinach Kofta:

Spinach is one of the healthiest foods mentioned by the world health foods. It is rich in antioxidants and a store house of nutrients. It consists of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, manganese, iron and Vitamins B2 and B6. One needs to include it on a regular basis in their diet.
About me:
My name is Jayashree and I am an enthusiastic food blogger and recipe builder. I also writes articles,short stories and poems. My recipes can be read
I believe in living life to the fulles and amhappily married. I live with my family in India.


Gluten Free Giant Pumpkin Skillet Cookie with Icing & Caramel Drizzle
I am really excited to be a part of this Autumn Harvest collaboration. My name is Sandi and I blog over at Fearless Dining. My blog is all about gluten free recipes and safe dining. I started my blog because I was tired of getting sick when I dined out. Most doctors’ offices just don’t give you much detail about how to live gluten free and I had no idea how dangerous cross contamination could be. I started to call around to Bay Area restaurants and asked lots of questions about how they handle gluten free orders. Within just a few months, I had built up a database of over 645 Bay Area restaurants’ safe gluten handling procedures. I would love to connect via PinterestFacebookTwitter, Google+, or Instagram.


We really hope you have enjoyed our progressive dinner and hope you will join us again. We are thinking about our next group blog with something pertaining to Christmas. We are so glad you have joined us in reading our heartfelt menu. Thank you from

Cherie, Sandi, Sandra, Kelly, Laurie, Jayashree, and Sarah


Spinach Kofta Curry (autumn harvest dinner party)

Spinach is one of the healthiest foods mentioned by the world health foods. It is rich in anti -oxidants and store house of nutrients.It consists of Vitamin K,Vitamin A, manganese,iron and Vitamin B2 and B6. One needs to include it on a regular basis in their diet.

Spinach can be used in various ways in our diet. I love using this as can be used for a range of dishes, quick cooking and not to forget its health benefits. Here is an accompaniment which you can use it with steamed rice or roti.

Ingredients that you need are :

For the curry :

  • Spinach 3 clusters
  • onion 2
  • ginger 1 inch
  • green chilli 2
  • red chilli powder 1tsp
  • milk 2tbsp
  • cream 2 tbsp
  • coriander powder 1tsp
  • salt to taste
  • oil for cooking

For the koftas :

  • boiled potatoes 3
  • onion 1
  • green chilly 2
  • spinach leaves  a few
  • ginger 1/2 inch
  • bread 2 slices
  • coriander leaves 2 tbsp
  • garam masala powder 1/2tsp
  • amchur powder 1/4 tsp
  • salt to taste
  • cornflour for binding
  • oil for shallow frying


spinach kofta curry  Spinach Kofta Curry  (autumn harvest dinner party) spinach kofta curry 1024x768

tasty and healthy

Method :

For the spinach curry :

  • Blanch the spinach leaves. When cool grind to a paste.
  • Take oil in a kadai andadd the ginger,then add and  saute the onions. As they turn pale , add the spinach paste. Allow to boil for a minute.
  • Add milk,coriander powder, garam masala powder ,red chilly powder and salt.
  • Finally, stir the cream into it.
  • Let the flavours blend together.

For the koftas :

Koftas are usually made by deep frying in oil. But, I have adopted the healthier version of cooking and it is equally tasty.

Take a bowl and mash the potatoes. Add finely cut onions, a few spinach and coriander leaves which are chopped into bits. Grind the chilli and ginger together. Mix all the spicey powders along with bread and salt. Knead well. Make flat balls and keep aside. Make a paste of cornflour. Dip these koftas into and it and shallow fry on a skillet.

To serve:

Put the koftas in the curry just before serving.

Some quick notes for you :

  • Do not blanch the leaves for more than two minutes.
  • If you want to make a vegan dish, add almond milk instead of milk and avoid the cream. This also tastes good.
  • Garlic may be added for the curry. I have not added. Use ginger garlic paste and saute.