Majjige huli, south indian yoghurt curry

majjige huli Majjige huli Majjige huli, south indian yoghurt curry majjige huli10

Majjige huli is a popular accompaniment used with steamed rice. It is made of whisked curds with seasoning and other spices. It makes a good meal for summer. This is a signature dish of Karnataka. It is known by different names in various states. Paladya, mor kozhambu, majjige huli and kadhi are the different names for this dish.  (more…)

alasande kalu wade, black eyed beans fritters

alasande wade alasande kalu wade, black eyed beans fritters alasande kalu wade, black eyed beans fritters alasande wade5 672x372

Alasande kalu wade (black eyed beans) are one of the tastiest fritters.  It is also known as lobia and karamani. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s the season of fresh black-eyed beans. Stir fry and sambar are the usual ones that I make using it. Fritters was on the to do list since a long time. Finally, I made it during the weekend. It was tasty and made a good treat. (more…)

Kandhabhaji/ onion pakoda in steps

kandhabhaji kandhabhaji Kandhabhaji/ onion pakoda in steps kandhabhaji8 672x372

Kandhabhaji, onion pakoda, onion fritters, hattikaye, anything you call it, it makes a delicious snack with a cup of hot tea. It is addictive and loved mostly by many.  (more…)

Bandhakopir Torkari Cabbage stirfry in Bengali style

Bandhakopir tarkari bandhakopir torkari Bandhakopir Torkari Cabbage stirfry in Bengali style cabbage bengali9 672x372

Cabbage is one of the few vegetables that we bring  regularly at home.  The toughest task seems to be planning the menu for the day. Coming across this stir fry, I kinda new that it is meant for me and soon it found a place in my daily menu. Bengali style Cabbage stir fry  with potatoes and peas or Bandhakopir Torkari  is a tasty side dish that can be easily made for lunch or dinner. It is tasty with many flavours. (more…)

Restaurant style Veg Hariyali

Veg Hariyali veg hariyali Restaurant style Veg Hariyali veg hariyali12 672x372

“Mamma, what is the curry or sabzi that you have made  along with chapati? ” is the pertinent question that I get each day. Well, accompaniments do enhance the taste of food that we eat. Spinach makes a great accompaniment. Here, is another kind of  side dish that you can make with roti or nan. It is known as  Veg Hariyali. (more…)

Instant raw mango pickle

The best thing about summer is the availability of seasonal fruits as mangoes, watermelon and grapes. I love these fruits, especially mango. It’s also the time when I try my new recipes with these. Here is another version of mango pickle. This instant raw mango pickle is popular in South India. It is not only tasty but can be made quickly with a few ingredients. Use it with curds rice for that gratifying sense of satisfaction. (more…)

Instant Mango pickle

Pickles add taste and zing to the food that we eat. These are loved and consumed by all. Pickles are usually made during summer and stored in earthen jars to consume for the whole year. Thus, as Wikipedia says, pickling is a process of preserving or expanding the life span of food by either anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar. But, there are versions of instant pickles too which stay good for a couple of days. Here is one such kind, “Instant Mango Pickle”. (more…)

Coconut chutney using dry red chilly

Today, I am presenting to you a tasty chutney which is ideal accompaniment with rice. This is also from mangalore cuisine. This, coconut chutney using dry red chilly is simply divine, one of the simple pleasures of life I can say. Use it with steaming hot rice with a dollop of ghee, rasam  and papads for a satisfying  meal. (more…)