Groundnut chutney

Groundnut chutney is a very tasty accompaniment that can be served with idli or dosa. It was during last winter that I first made it, and since then , it has become a routine. Usually, roasted groundnuts are grinded with  green chillies  and salt along with a little...
Kattina Saaru / Special Rasam

Kattina Saaru / Special Rasam

Kattina Saaru is another kind of rasam. The name “Kattina Saaru” comes from Kannada language meaning filterate and “saaru ” is rasam. Here, the water that is used in cooking the tuvar dal, is used for the rasam  and the cooked dal, that is the...

Delicious Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta is a tasty and  popular North Indian side dish. Koftas are small balls made by deep or shallow frying. They are immersed in the gravy made with malai (fresh cream). The koftas and gravy are made of different kinds as using vegetables, paneer or potatoes. ...


Rasam is popular accompaniment with rice in South India. Our food seems to be incomplete without rice and  rasam. Called by various names as Saaru or Bele Saaru, it is prepared by different methods from region to region. Rasam is considered as an ideal food  because...

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