Mega Diwali Collection

Mega Diwali Collection

Diwali is one of the important festivals that we celebrate. It is a festival which everyone looks forward to, four days of relaxation, festive atmosphere, array of sweets and savoury, pooja and celebrations with near and dear ones and not to miss the bursting of...

Facebook Live Event from Food Panache

This post is not a food post, but something related with cooking. How about watching some live cooking show, from the comforts of our home, isn't that fun? Facebook Live is a new feature that has gained immense popularity. Food Panache is a popular  food group on...

Healthy bites  with  UTMT honey

Healthy bites with UTMT honey

Honey, the golden hued gelatenous liquid is sweet as sugar but good for health. It is packed with nutrients, flavonoids and anti-oxidants. It's passed  through generations, as old as history can tell. It was used by the Munis and rishis to perform yajnas and as...

Tasty pickles online

Tasty pickles online

Pickles need no introduction. It is commonly used along with meals as an accompaniment. It is stacked in earthen jars for annual consumption in most households. They are  side dishes which makes the food appealing, bring liveliness to the platter and gives a sense of...

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