The real basics of cooking

We need a lot of pre  made ingredients while cooking. Today’s post is related to the making of them. I hope you find it useful.

1 Tomato puree

Tomato puree is widely used in North Indian dishes. Take firm red tomatoes. Wash them and make an incision at the tip. Put these in boiling water for a few minutes. The skin  can now be peeled easily. Make a purée of it.

2  Cumin powder

Dry roast the cumin until light brown in colour. When cool,grind it to a fine powder. It can be stored in an air tight container.

3 Coriander powder

Dry roast the coriander seeds until you get a pleasant aroma. Keep it on a low flame. When cool, grind it in a mixer and store in an air tight jar.

4 Curd

Curd or yoghurt is essential in Indian homes. Hence ,it is set on a daily basis. Warm the milk and add a little curd to it. Close it with a lid and keep it in a warm place. The milk should be poured from  one container to another  a couple of times to get a thick curd.

5 Buttermilk

The curd is churned and water is added to it.  Salt or sugar may be added. Sweet buttermilk with thick cream is called as lassi.


How to make sprouts

Sprouts are healthy and make an ideal snack for everyone. With the changing season, sprouts salad seems to be a healthy option to binge on. Moreover, sprouted pulses  are packed with more nutrition than their counterparts. 

Sprouts are easy to make. Clean, wash and soak them in water for five hours. Strain in a colander and keep aside for sometime. Later, tie it in a  thin muslin cloth and keep it in a warm place for eight hours. The next day, it is ready for use.

image  How to make sprouts image5 300x200

Experimenting with my cooking has been a wonderful journey and I am loving it. I recently found a book of my kind of cooking and thought I would share it with you all


Know your vegetables

The English  names are not familiar to many. My attempt to help the readers to know them.

Ashgourd                                        white pumpkin, wintermelon ,petha

amaranth                                      pigweed, ramdana, chauli chavleri

colocasia                                         arbi, arvi

corncobs                                        bhutta

corn kernels                                  makai

avocado                                         butter fruit, makai makhan phal

olives                                               zetoon

radish                                              mooli

salad leaves                                 kasmi saag

mushroom                                   goochi

asparagus                                   shatwaar, shootmooli

bitter gourd                               karela

bottle gourd                              lauki

ridge gourd                                torai

cauliflower                                phoolgobi

cabbage                                     bandgobi


Conversion Chart

Most often, we find entangled when we are following receipes with the measurements given. Here is a handy  conversion chart for reference.

1 tsp                            1/3tbsp                                1/6 fluid ounce                 5ml

3tsp                                 1 tbsp                                 1/2 fluid ounce                 15 ml

1/4 cup                            4 tbsp                                2 fluid ounce                      59 ml

1/2 cup                            8 tbsp                                4 fluid ounce                      79 ml

1 cup                                 1/2 pint                            8 fluid ounce                     237 ml

1 pint                                  2 cups                              16 fluid ounce                 473 ml

1 quart                               2 pints                              32 fluid ounce                946 ml

1 litre                           1 quart +1/4 cup              34 fluid ounce              1000ml

1 gallon                             4 quarts                           128 fluid ounce           3785ml


Know your spices

The name of spices and their commonly known traditional names

Cardamom                                                                       Elaichi

Nutmeg                                                                               Jaiphal

Cinnamon                                                                          Dalchini

Clove                                                                                     Lavang

Aniseed                                                                                Saunf

Mace                                                                                      javitri

Cumin                                                                                   Jeera

Coriander seeds                                                             Dhaniya

Oregano orThyme                                                        Ajwain

Bay leaf                                                                                Tejpatta

Basil                                                                                        Tulsi

Mustard                                                                              Rai or Sarson

Pepper                                                                                 Kali Mirch


Know your ingredients

Here is a glossary of the ingredients often confused while cooking.

ENGLISH  NAME                                                          COMMON NAME

atta                                                                                              wheat flour

plain flour                                                                                     maida

gram flour                                                                                      besan

gram dal                                                                                   bengalgram,chanadal

horsegram ,split black gram                                           urad dal

green gram                                                                               moongdal

puffed rice                                                                                 murmura

parched rice                                                                                beaten rice,poha

tapoica                                                                                           sago, sabudana

cornflour                                                                                          makki atta