Panipuri/ golgappa/ puchka/ chaats time

Panipuri/ golgappa/ puchka/ chaats time

Panipuri is a popular street food that needs no introduction. The fun of eating panipuri is not limited to youngsters alone. The street vendor has a roaring business by selling this daily. Panipuri, the small puffed puris are filled with a filling and eaten with a...

How to make sev puri

How to make sev puri

Chaats are an all time favourite at home.  Kids are happy with it and so am I ! Bhel puri is much preferred but sometimes we do make Sev Puri and Pani puri also. When it comes to cooking, I need some quick and easy methods. Elaborate and long standing hours are not my...

Bengali cuisine with Ghugni Chat

Today, a new cuisine makes its advent here as Culinary Hoppers decided to visit West Bengal to enhance their culinary skills. The past few days have been pretty exciting for me.   Bengali cuisine is tasty and elaborate, they  are good chefs who spend a lot of time in...

Ragda Patties

Ragda Paatis is a very popular chaat . It is a one filling meal. It can be easily prepared if you have the soaked peas. Potato tikkis or patties are prepared and served with a delectable dish of peas, topped  with various chutneys. With this dish on mind, I was on the...

Chaats time with Dahi Puri

Chaats are much loved by my kids and when the theme of our bloghop was decided with this one, I had so many in my mind. But soon, it was Dahi Puri and Ragada Pattis I satisfied myself with. Today, one can enjoy all the tasty  chaats from Culinary Hoppers. These chaats...

Corn chat for the weekend

Corn chat for the weekend

Chats have always been close to our heart. They are tasty, spicy sweet and  sour, chatpat ,much enjoyed by one and all. It is simply out of the world. A favourite of teenagers, now with corn kernels this "corn chat" is simple and easy to make. Moreover, it is...

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