Hot chocolate milk

Hot chocolate milk

Waking up to a nail biting chilly morning, I really hate that alarm sound which alerts me to start my day. Winter calls for hot and warm soothing drinks. Hot chocolate drink is ideal for children, it is one of the drinks my children relish and is easy to prepare. This...

How to make lemon iced tea

How to make lemon iced tea

Lemon Iced Tea is a refreshing drink to beat the heat. Make it easily at home in 10 minutes and enjoy. Summer and cool, refreshing drinks, go hand in hand. Well, there's no end to being thirsty these days. Days are getting hotter. Tea is a beverage which we can enjoy...

Punjabi lassi /  Sweet Lassi Recipe

Punjabi lassi / Sweet Lassi Recipe

Lassi is a popular Indian drink made using yoghurt. It is usually served sweet though salted version may be made. It is ideal drink during summer. Punjabi  lassi is very popular and tasty, second to nothing. Today, I present to you this version of  Punjabi Lassi....

Iced expresso

Beverages are drink made consumable for humans. Even though, water is an essential for the survival of humans, it is not considered as a beverage. All other drinks come into this category. They can be of various kinds from hot beverages as tea and coffee, to cold ones...

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