Times have changed. India’s golden agers lead far more active lives and lifestyles than they used to. Indian men and women over 50 have a broader outlook towards life today, living with the zest and optimism that is so common among millennials. They understand that their bodies require more attention than they used to, but also want to ensure that it doesn’t hamper their golden years.

Age is no longer a barrier for those who are forty- five to fifty plus years of age. These Indians are full of under-utilised energy. They are working on the dreams they had packed away a long time ago
owing to responsibilities and obligations.
 Dreaming Big : Indians over 50 no longer see age as a barrier to #LiveNonstop
The motto that they seem to go by is to #LiveNonStop. As long as life persists; keep moving, that is the mantra.
Today, I’d like to share a few examples that have touched my heart because they embody this sentiment.
Mrs.Shanta  has been living in our neighbourhood for quite some time now. She has always seemed content as a home-maker with 
 her two children and a well-to-do and caring husband. Today, it’s been over 20 years of devotedly taking care of her family. But instead of taking it easy now, her zest for life only seems to have increased.
She told me once that she was always interested in starting her own business. Now that her children are older and are looking after themselves, she went ahead and did just that. It took sometime to figure things out, but with the support of her family she has started a catering service from home.
Her orders are pre-booked and she gets them delivered for an extra charge. She’s busy following her new passion and expanding the service. For Mrs.Shanta, it’s not about the money, it’s about continuing to #LiveNonstop.
 Dreaming Big : Indians over 50 no longer see age as a barrier to #LiveNonstop
Likewise, Mr.Bose used to be a government employee, working as  a lecturer in  a local college. Post retirement, he wanted to continue to teach.
He started a tuition class for students in the neighbourhood, which he conducts 3-4 hours a day. But, for the younger generation who cannot make it to his tuition classes, he walks over to different localities to teach them. This gives him an immense sense of satisfaction. When asked about it, he will ensure that you get as motivated as he is to just #LiveNonstop.
Mr. Bose’s wife Tanya is just as active as her husband. As a nutrition expert, she applies her talent to cooking and baking techniques and conducts regular classes for those who want to eat healthy. Tanya fully understands that staying healthy and strong is extremely vital for those in the golden age of life. She’s even helped me with recipes for my blog. Tanya stresses that a healthy diet and proper intake of nutrition is important for them.
Age, after all is just a number. It’s our outlook and enthusiasm for life that make it much more than that. Lead a life that others would  love to emulate; be a trend setter, be a motivator. If you are looking for inspiration to help you get started, check out this link with stories of many more Indians in the Golden age of their lives, who haven’t let age become a barrier in their quest #LiveNonstop.
* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd; however, the views shared in the article are my own.
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