Pickles need no introduction. It is commonly used along with meals as an accompaniment. It is stacked in earthen jars for annual consumption in most households. They are  side dishes which makes the food appealing, bring liveliness to the platter and gives a sense of contentment. 

Peckle is a Dutch word meaning brine. Thus, pickle is a relish consisting of vegetables or fruit preserved in vinegar or brine. It is commonly used in Asia, Europe and America by different names.

mango pickle
pickle online

In South Asia, many variety of pickles are prepared and used. Mango, lemon, green chili, tomato, cauliflower, carrot, turnip,  bitter gourd, gooseberry are some of them which are used to make pickles.

In India, it is called by different names in different regions. While it is popular as Achar in Assamese, Bengali, Hindi and Punjabi, it is uppinkayi in kannada and lonacha in Marathi. It is called as oorukai in Tamil and ooragaya in Telugu.

The method of preparation differs slightly from region to region, while the main ingredients salt, chili powder and oil remain the same. Preparing the pickles is not an easy task. One needs to be aware of the ingredients and its proportion. Moreover, it needs practice and guidance from elders who are experts in this field.

A lot of care has to be taken while preparing in large quantity. There should be no moisture. The vegetables should be firm and of utmost good quality, as they need to last for a year. The jars should be clean. They should be sun dried.

But today, many changes are seen. Women are busy and managing careers. Errands are many and time is short. One needs to balance between family and work. Easily available products are a blessing for the working woman. E-marketing has made life easier and pickles online is what I prefer these days.

tasty pickle online
tasty pickle online

Wide range of pickles are available in the market. You can get online too www.placeoforigin.in/staples/pickles.  They have many variety of ready pickles. They are delicious and salivating. Some of them are mango pickle, kasundi, goan brinjal pickle, shalgam gobhi pickle, mixed pickle and lemon pickle. They are well packed and easily shipped at free of cost across the country.

Of all the varieties, mango pickle is the tastiest and my favourite. They have a wide range of mango pickle too. Sweet mango pickle,  cut mango pickle kalyana mango pickle, to name a few.  Avakai, spicy mango pickle and thokku  are the other varieties that they offer.Do check their website for many more varieties.

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