Affimity is today’s new social blogging platform. It is buzzing with activity.  One can choose whichever stream that they want. Thus, people of similar interests can come together.  It is made with a global perspective of bringing birds of the same feather together. There are plethora of channels. Some of them are food, parenting, sports, life and wellness, beauty, yoga and fitness.


Navigation through the site is easy. It is clutter free. Searching for the information is easy and requires less time. One is destined to read only that they are interested. You can easily browse only the favourite channels or top posts. It is ideal for bloggers, brand managers, marketing professionals, students and house wives.

affimity-featured image
affimity-featured image


Social media plays an important role for bloggers. They write blogs and share them on social media for the world to read. Affimity is ideal for bloggers as they can share the posts or videos in related streams and thus it reaches the right audience.

Brand managers can create surveys  or ask relevant poll questions to audience of particular stream. Similarly marketing professionals can post relevant information to target customers.

The information that is available on Affimity is vast. Beauty, fashion, cooking may be of utmost interest to a housewife. Students can browse the sports or travel section. Interviews of entrepreneurs and bloggers who have come up with determination and skill may motivate them to do something big in life.

I joined Affimity only a week back. The response is overwhelming. The members are genuinely interested in your content and they are very social. They easily like and comment on posts. It is a feel good factor for the blogger. You can check my profile here.

Jayashre's profile on affimity
Jayashreee’s profile on affimity

Here are a few screenshots of my posts that I have  put.

Okra stir fry on affimity

okra stir fry on affimity
okra stir fry on affimity


Garlic Chutney Powder on Affimity


garlic chutney powder on affimity
garlic chutney powder on affimity


Social networking is made more fun. One can follow other people or add them as friend. Depending on the activity, a person moves up the ladder.

Interaction helps in understanding and building a good relationship. Thus, it brings like minded people together across the globe. Birds of the same feather are brought together under a common nest called as Affimity. It is made up of two words, Affinity and Amity. Affinity means passion and Amity means friendship. Thus, Affimity brings passionate people together.

Affimity is definitely here to stay for a long time. I find it to be better than many other social media. Easy navigation, specific channels, vast information and great response from indivduals are the highlights of this platform.  Communication with the right indivdual is of utmost importance. What more can any individual ask for

Are you on Affimity? Let’s get connected or do join, it’s free!

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