Ugadi special

With Ugadi round the corner, it is again time for new beginnings. It is auspicious time to start new ventures. New year brings in festivity as we celebrate with puja and sweets. On this ocassion, here is a bonus of Ugadi Special, collection of recipes for the season.

It is the beginning of Lunar calendar. Yuga is era and adi means beginning. Thus, it is the beginning of another year. It signifies the spirit of accepting the joys and sorrows equally , which is marked by making the pachad, a combination of neem, jaggery,tamarind, mango .

With all enthusiasm, I thought of making a collaborated post, second time it is, I approached a few bloggers and all of them happily agreed and came up with new beautiful dishes. Thus,indian bloggers across the globe  have come together to bring a delicious platter here.

Here is a treasure trove of recipes that I am going to relish for a long time to come. A wonderful collection of sweets, rice dishes and a few accompaniments as salad and ambodi. Thankyou friends for making this happen.  It is a sheer joy and each one is meticulously made. Click on the titles to read the recipes   Happy Browsing and hope the festival is a grand affair with these additions to the menu.

ugadi special 2016  Ugadi special ugadi special 1024x1024

ugadi special 2016

Dates Puranpoli 

Holige of Khajoor by Poornima of

dates puranpoli  Ugadi special khajoor holige 1024x683

dates puranpoli

Raw Mango Halwa

A sweet of raw mango, apt for the season by Piyali of

raw mango halwa  Ugadi special image 1 576x1024

raw mango halwa

Gud Til ki meethe mathri

Sweets of jaggery and sesame made the healthy way by Sonal of

gud til ki meethe mathri  Ugadi special 12966096 10154037765461730 1280666506 n

gud til ki meethe mathri

Moong dal payasam mangalore style

Moongdal payasam made in coconut milk by me of

moongdal payasa  Ugadi special moongdal payasa1 1024x768

moongdal payasa

Rawa Kesari

Usually made during Satyanarayan Puja, it is contributed by Swati of

Rawa Kesari  Ugadi special IMG 4186 1024x683

Rawa Kesari

Khoya Mawa Rabri

A tasty dessert or sweet dish by Rupali Kadam of

khoya rabri  Ugadi special khoya rabri

khoya rabri

Wheat ladoo

These are usually made during Ram Navmi, contributed by Jeena Suraj of

wheat ladoo  Ugadi special Wheat Ladoo 4

wheat ladoo

Sooji Kheer

A tasty sweet contributed here by Shubha of

sooji kheer  Ugadi special sooji kheer

sooji kheer

Rava payasam

Another of the same kind by Shobana of

Rawa Payasa  Ugadi special Rawa payasa shobana

Rawa payasa

Dry Jamun

A favourite of all, brought to you by Nalini Somayaji of

dry jamun  Ugadi special dry jamun

dry jamun

Moongdal salad

This salad is made during the festival and is contributed by Waagmi Soni of

moongdal salad  Ugadi special moongdal salad

moongdal salad

Pudina Ambode

These fritters are always made during festival, contributed by Preethi of

pudina ambode  Ugadi special ambode

pudina ambode

Mango Rice

Again, with the season of mangoes, this rice is usually made , contributed by Padma of

Mango pulihora  Ugadi special Mamidikaya Pulihora V5

Mango pulihora


A tasty dish, contributed by Alka Jena of

Pulihora  Ugadi special Pulihora 16


Urad dal Rice

Another variety of rice dish, from Tamil cuisine by Anupama Nagaraj of

urad dal rice  Ugadi special urad dal rice uddinanna recipe 02

urad dal rice

Masala bhath

A rice dish of Karnataka by me of

masala bhath  Ugadi special masala bhath 1024x593

masala bhath

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of savouring these dishes for the season.  Happy  Cooking  and May   the festival bring peace and prosperity.


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Ugadi special  Ugadi special ugadi special
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Ugadi special
A collection of recipes for the festival.

  1. Alka says:

    Beautiful collection of dishes and each one of the dish reflects the true spirit of Ugadi….

Ugadi special