Rice dishes form one of the major attractions in South Indian festivals. Masala Bhath is one such kind which is tasty and can be made with the available ingredients.

Preparations for Ugadi are on in most of the houses. It is an important festival for the people of South India. It is also celebrated by Sindhis, Marwaris and Manipuris. It falls on  the first day known as Padya in the month of Chaitra of the Hindu calendar. This is considered as the beginning of new year.

People rise early in the morning, have an oil bath, decorate the house  with mango leaves and pooja is performed. The new panchanga is worshipped and it is customary to make an offering of neem and jaggery mixed with raw mango pieces. It is called as Bevu Bella. It signifies that we should accept both joy and sorrow gleefully.

Among the sweets, kheer and holige are usually prepared. Today, I am presenting a tasty Masala Bhath to you all. Do read further.

masala bhath
masala bhath

Here I am using capsicum, potatoes and peas. The potatoes and peas are parboiled. Fresh spice powder adds a good taste, though one can make it ahead and store. I prefer using the freshly made one.

Masala Bhath
Recipe Type: Main course
Cuisine: South Indian
Author: Jayashree
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6
A one pot meal which can be prepared during festivities
    • Rice 1cup 250 grams
    • potatoes 3
    • peas 1 cup
    • capsicum 2 large
    • spice mix
    • chilli powder
    • salt to taste
    • For seasoning :
    • oil 3tbsp
    • bengal gram 2 tsp
    • urad dal 2 tsp
    • asafoetida 1/4 tsp
    • turmeric powder a pinch
    • For the spice powder:
    • coriander seeds 3tbsp
    • bengal gram 1tbsp
    • urad dal 1tbsp
    • dry red chillies 6
    • curry leaves a few
    • cloves 2
    • peppercorns 15
    • cinnamon 1inch stick
  • oil little for roasting
    1. Cook the rice seperately and keep it. Add less quantity of water while cooking. The grains should be seperate.
    1. Cut the veggies and keep them seperately.
    1. Boil the potatoes seperately, when they are half cooked you add peas to it. If you are using frozen peas, avoid doing this.
    1. Roast the ingredients seperately with a little oil given under the section :for the spice powder “
    1. When cool, grind them to a powder.
    1. Take a kadai and make the seasoning.
    1. Add mustard seeds, and as it crackles put the bengal gram and urad dal. Allow them to turn a little golden in colour. Add turmeric powder and asafoetida to it.
    1. Put the curry leaves and add the capsicum. Allow to cook for sometime.
    1. Then add the boiled veggies.
    1. Add salt and three tea spoons of ground spice mix.
    1. Add a little chilli powder and mix well.
    1. Now, add rice and mix gently.
  1. Masala bhath is ready to serve.
Store the excess powder in an air tight bottle.
cut capsicum
cut capsicum

Capsicum is cut into pieces.

potatoes cut and put in water
potatoes cut and put in water

Potatoes are cut and put in water. Wash it thoroughly.

green peas
green peas

I store peas in deep freezer, hence I put them in water.

rice cooked
rice cooked

Rice is cooked and once the pressure is released I have put it in a wide plate to cool.

boiled veggies
boiled veggies

Potatoes are put to boil first, later I added peas to it.


Take oil in a kadai. Add mustard seeds, as it crackles, then add bengal gram and urad dal. Add in good quantity, they taste great while eating. Then add curry leaves, asafoetida and turmeric powder.

added capsicum
added capsicum

Wash the capsicum pieces and put them into it.

boiled veggies are put
boiled veggies are put

Once they are cooked, add the boiled veggies.

spice mix is put
spice mix is put

Now add the spice mix. Ingredients for spice mix are given above. Add three teaspoon of the masala powder and a little chilly powder. Put salt also.

masala bhath ready
masala bhath ready

Add the cooked rice and mix well. You can garnish with coriander leaves.

masala bhath
masala bhath

Masala Bhath is ready to serve.

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Soon coming on the blog Ugadi Special !

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