Besan ladoo

Besan ladoo is a popular dry snack in Indian households, a tradition that’s been  carried since generations, Yes, I can hear whispers, oh ! why only this, chakli and sev makes it  complete for the occasion.

These sweets and savoury are dry snacks, which have a long shelf life, make good accompaniments with any food or as a snack  and are loved by all.  The happiness quotient is complete with these for kids.

Ingredients :

  • Besan ( gram flour) 1 cup
  • castor sugar 1 cup
  • ghee 3/4 cup
  • cashewnuts a few (broken into pieces)
  • cardamom powder 1/2 tsp


besan ladoo  Besan ladoo besan ladoo

besan ladoo

Method :

Take a thick bottom pan and add some ghee to it. Add besan to it and saute it on a low flame. The colour should change to brown. After sauting for a while, add more ghee and cashews to it. Do not add cashews in the beginning, they will get burnt. Once it is done, put it in a wide plate and let cool.

Add sugar and cardamom powder to it. Mix well. Rub it with palm to make a smooth pliable dough. This is the essence of the recipe. Shape them into ladoos and store them in a container. Besan ladoos can be kept for a month. This is gluten free snack.

Take a tip: The castor sugar should be fine powder. Otherwise, you will feel the pinch of it while eating.


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Besan ladoo
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  1. kushi says:

    I love sweets and this looks yum!

  2. Gauri says:

    These ladoos look absolutely great 🙂 Perfect for the coming season of Diwali 🙂

  3. Shubha says:

    Delicious looking Laddoos.. yummy!!

  4. Jolly says:

    Lovely ladoos and looks so yummy !!

Besan ladoo