I have written many breakfast recipes, thought of giving a glance to some of my cherished posts. Here are my top ten breakfast recipes. To read the recipe click on the title or the picture.

1 Semolina Idli

Idli which is instantly prepared by mixing with sour yoghurt. It is healthy and tasty. Featured in top hundred recipes of Helping the Homemaker.

semolina idli
semolina idli
2 Kanchipuram Idli

Yet , another kind of idly but this is different. It is made with the fermented idli batter. It reminds of gujarati dhokla. Its just lovely.

Kanchipuram idli
Kanchipuram idli


3 Semolina dosa

It is dosa of a different kind. It needs fermentation. You can check it out here .

Semolina Dosa
Semolina Dosa

4 Banana and Dates milkshake

This is healthy and keeps one going for long hours. Read it here

custardapple milksake
something differnt !

5 Strawberry milkshake

Can anyone give up on this ? It’s just not possible, have a look at the red berries

strawberry milkshake
strawberry milkshake

6 Upma

A quick and tasty dish, it finds its place very often on the table and this post is close to my heart, as it was the first post for our blog hop.

easy to make,tasty to eat
7 Sandwich

Who does not like these? Easy to make and carry, snack on the go, amazing are these

open sandwich
open sandwich

8 Chennai Idli

These are super soft and so healthy, batter in the refrigerator is handy.

soft idlis
ideal breakfast
9 Wada

Oh ! these add just a zing to the breakfast and those dreaded calories, but once in a while, we all love making them.  Idli and wada makes good combo.


10 Gundapongal

Yet another kind, a ready batter with a few ingredients and of course the much needed pan to make them.



I hope you liked this blog post of mine. Of all these dishes, which is your favourite menu ? Do let me know in the comments section of this post.

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  1. Great collection Jayashree. I love idlis and wadas and dosas… and… ok yes! I love them all 🙂
    Looking for recipes to feature in my collection of 365 breakfast ideas. Will surely check these out too. Great post 🙂

Appreciate all your comments.

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