Aamrakhand,  delicacy of hung curd infused with mango puree is a Maharashtrian dish. It is similar to Shrikhand, the only difference being the addition of mango puree here. It can be used with the indian flat bread as chapati or puri or even as a dessert.

Summer is the time to treat yourself with mango delicacies. Do try this one and let me know if you have liked it.

Ingredients :

Hung curd or yoghurt 200 grams

Mango puree 200 grams

Sugar 100 grams

Saffron strands a few

Cardamom powder 1tsp



Method :

Put saffron strands in a litttle warm milk and keep aside. Mix the hung curd with sugar and mix with a beater. Add the mango puree and give a swirl again. Add cardamom powder and the saffron soaked in milk to it. Serve chilled.

Aamrakhand can be stored easily in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

Dry fruits can be used to enhance the taste.

Hung curd : Its available in the local market ,but can be made easily at home too.Take fresh curd and put it in the middle of a thin muslin cloth. Fold the edges and tie it it like a ball of knot to be hung. Keep it across for an hour. All the liquid will get filtered and you get the  hung curd.

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