Cabbage ,occasionally makes a peep in my kitchen and it is usually for the stir fry or the indo-chinese dishes that I use it. Many years back, I had read about the cabbage rice by the famous cooking magnet Tarla Dalal, I really could recall the recipe and last week decided to give a try to it. It was indeed delightful !

A simple dish which can be made for dinner. The mild aroma of butter and pepper powder is unique and tasty.
cabbage rice
cabbage rice


  • rice 1 1/2 cup
  • cabbage finely shredded 1 bowl
  • onion 1 bowl
  • pepper powder 1 tsp
  • unsalted butter 1tbsp
  • salt to taste 


Cook rice seperately in a pressure cooker and keep aside. Take a wide plate and spread  the rice,let it to cool.                      Take a pan and put the butter. As it melts, add the onions and saute till light pink. Wash the cabbage,drain and put it along with it. Let cook for sometime. Add salt and pepper powder, mix well and remove from flame. Mix the rice with it and serve with papads and pickle. 

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