Stuffed vegetables make great accompaniments. Although ,they involve  a lot more efforts ,it is worth it. Stuffed bhendi is tasty and can be prepared for lunch.

Bhendi or ladies finger ,popular as okra to many is extensively used in our daily cooking. It is a wonderful vegetable filled with pyridoxine,minerals as vitamin A,B ,C and K also iron, manganese  and potash. It is suggested that one needs to include more of this veggie in their diet to prevent alzeihmers. It  is low in calorie and ideal for those with diabetics . Try to include in different. Here is the recipe of stuffed bhendi for you.


A) To make you need

  • bhendi or ladies finger 1/2 kg
  • oil

Choose tender and small garden fresh  bhendis for this vegetable.

B)  To be ground to a paste:

  • onion 2
  • tomato 1
  • ginger 1/2 inch
  • green chilly 2
  • coriander 1/2 bunch
  • cumin 1/4 tsp
  • chilly powder 1 tsp
  • fresh coconut 1bowl
  • salt

stuffed okra  Stuffed Bhendi stuffed okra 300x225

Method :

  • Wash the okra and pat dry.
  • Trim the edges
  • Make a slit in the centre with a sharp knife.
  • Grind all the ingredients to a fine paste.
  • Slowly fill into it . Take care, as you may break open it further.
  • Keep aside.
  • Repeat for all the bhendi
  • Heat oil in a kadai.
  • Slowly add the stuffed bhendi and let cook on a slow flame.
  • Saute once in a while,lest they do not mess up.
  • Add the remaining paste.
  • Cook for five more minutes.
  • Remove from fire, serve with chapati or roti.

DSC01786  Stuffed Bhendi DSC01786 300x225

bhendi trimmed

DSC01784  Stuffed Bhendi DSC01784 300x225

bhendi slit

ground paste  Stuffed Bhendi DSC01790 300x225


DSC01797  Stuffed Bhendi DSC01797 300x225

stuffed with the paste

stuffed bhendi  Stuffed Bhendi stuffed okra 300x225

stuffed bhendi

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