Fruit salad is the most common dessert that almost all  of us prepare. It is healthy and easy to make. It gives the benefit of a wide range of fruits. Fruits of rarer variety taste good and give a different taste from the regular make. Moreover, one needs a fewer fruits of expensive variety.

Ingredients :

Pear 1

Kiwi 3

green apple 1

lychee  8 ( I do not know of the latest threats of it, beware)

orange 1

sapota 2

grapes 15

strawberry 6

milk 1/2 litre

custard powder 2 tbsp

sugar 3 tsp

cashewnuts 4

raisins 8

almonds 4

honey 2 tbsp


Method :

Make custard by boiling the milk. Add sugar. Mix the custard powder in cold milk so that no lumps are formed. Slowly add it to the boiling milk. Let boil for a few minutes. Allow to cool.

Wash and cut the pear, green apple and sapota. Remove the seeds of lychee and cut into quarters. Peel the orange and make it into segments. Cut strawberries  if any.Choose the dark ones.

Mix all the fruits  in a bowl of custard.

Cut the dry fruits and keep in a bowl.

Exotic fruit salad is now ready .

Serve chilled garnished with dry fruits and a dollop of honey.


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  1. Nice idea to serve it in custard, havent tried that. Yes you only need a couple of different fruits to make it special dont you. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing with us again for Sunday Brunch lovely to see you xx

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