It’s the season of mangoes. Various kind of desserts, juices and sweets are made with it. Milkshake, juice, ice cream, sorbet and souffle are some of them. But the most prevalent is the mango pulp or the aamras as it is popularly known,  which is served as an accompaniment. But, there’s nothing like eating a fruit all by itself messing our hands.

Mango milkshake is tasty, filling and ideal to serve during any time of the day. Serve it during breakfast, as a refreshing drink at noon or in the evening after the children come back from play.

A few mango recipes that I have on the blog are the following : mango jam with chia seed, mambazha pulissery, raw mango rice, ambua, raw mango salad

mango milkshake
mango milkshake


mango (alphanso) 3

mango ice cream 2 scoops

milk 1/2 litre

sugar 2tsp (optional)

ice cubes for serving


Cut chunks of mango and put in a liquidiser. Add icecream and milk to it and give a swirl. Sugar is purely an optional. Serve chilled with ice cubes in it.

Take a tip:

  • One can use other variety but avoid the fibrous ones.
  • Addition of ice cream is optional. If you are on diet, skip adding ice cream and sugar to it.

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mango milkshake
mango milkshake

This was one of the first few posts that I wrote when I started my blog. Now, it’s time to update the pictures and sending this to Foodies_Redoing Old Post 3

Delicious Mango milkshake

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  1. A chilled glass of mango milkshake is what I want on a Summer afternoon. This sounds so refreshing and soothing !

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