Gundapongal or padd as it is more commonly known ,is a popular dish of the south. It is ideal for breakfast and can be prepared quickly. You can use the same dosa batter for this, the only necessity is that the batter should be thicker in consistency unlike its counterpart. 


To make the batter :

Other ingredients:

a bowl of finely chopped onions

curry leaves

a teaspoon of soaked bengal gram

Grind to a paste :

4 green chillies

a bowl of coriander leaves

1 inch ginger

1 tsp cumin

To proceed:

Add the onions, paste,split  curry leaves,soaked bengal gram and salt to the batter. Apply oil and add the batter in the padd tawa on a medium flame. Once cooked, reverse and allow to be done the other end too till slightly brown. Serve with chutney


Check out the chutney recipe here :


A dosa batter in the refrigerator is very handy. Masala dosa, uttappa or padd anything can be made.

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