Cookies are an all time favourite of children. Its good to indulge them in healthy eating, how about serving them with oats cookies.

They are tasty and easy to make, something different from the usual porridge. 

The ingredients that you need are

wheat flour 1 cup

oats 1 cup 

butter unsalted  1/2 cup

demerera sugar 1 cup

regular sugar 1 cup

cashew pieces 1/2 cup

a pinch of salt

a pinch of soda bi carbonate

oats cookies
oats cookies




Preheat the microwave at 180 degrees celsius. Mix the ingredients in a bowl  lightly using your hands, place them in the oven and set timer for five minutes. Again , decrease the temperature and microwave for another three minutes. Tasty oat cookies are ready to serve. Keep them in an airtight jar.

Take a tip: Let cool, for sometime before storing.


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