Refreshing summer drink

It’s the season of melons. Muskmelon and pear together make a great combination for a refreshing drink. The peach colour of the drink is simply irresetible!


half a musk melon, cut into chunks

one pear cut into chunks

a glass of milk

Refreshing summer drink DSC01607 300x225


Put the fruits and milk in a liquidiser and blend together. Serve chilled.

I found this book of the good of the goodness vegetarianism and thought shall share the link:

  1. I have never had musk melon before. What does that taste like? Is it like cantaloupe?

    • jayashree says:

      Hello Andrea,
      Musk melon and cantaloupe are one and the same,though different varieties are available across the continent. Thankyou for the visit.

Refreshing summer drink