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Bisebelebath, popular karnataka recipe

It’s that time of the year, when the weather is wonderful and our heart calls out to enjoy. It’s the season of fun and frolic. Time to celebrate with colours, yes it’s Holi.  To mark this ocassion I present  to  all of you, a dish very close to my heart, Bisebelebath, a popular recipe from Karnataka. It is a one pot meal which can be relished on many occasions. A rice savoury with lentils and vegetables makes a good meal with some papads. Continue reading Bisebelebath, popular karnataka recipe

Kempu Chitranna rice dish from south kanara

Today, marks the beginning of 2017, another new year. Wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year. May this year  be an awesome one for all of us. On this ocassion presenting a rice dish from South Kanara. This is another variety of rice dish which eases my cooking.  It is  full of flavours and easy to make. This is   “Kempu Chitranna” which means Red Rice. Continue reading Kempu Chitranna rice dish from south kanara

aloo jeera

At the outset, wishing all my readers a very happy Dusshera. May your lives be filled with peace and happiness. Aways strive to choose the right path, for there is nothing to fear and truth always wins.

I am sure there are many potato fans out there. It is a versatile vegetable which can be used for fasting days or even for parties. My family loves this veggie in any form, thus it is easy to cook on  busy days also. I have learnt various ways to cook it. Aloo jeera aka Potatoes tossed in cumin is tasty and makes a good accompaniment with chapati or roti. Continue reading aloo jeera

Garlic chutney powder

Dry chutney powder of various kinds are the life line of our cooking. They make tasks easier for busy scheduled days or an extra accompaiment with the daily cooking. Garlic chutney powder is bound to be the heart throb of the younger generation. Continue reading Garlic chutney powder

Two way Crunchy salad

Salads form an important part of our diet. We can eat them any time,  either as a snack or as an accompaniment with the main course. This recipe comes soon after the festival, well, at the right time I think.  Crunchy salad is simple to make with very few ingredients. Continue reading Two way Crunchy salad

Puffed rice balls aka Gujarati Mamra na ladoo

Puffed rice balls ,  sweet and crunchy are tasty snacks to binge on. Popular doing festive times as offerings to the lord, it hails from  the state of Gujarat . Continue reading Puffed rice balls aka Gujarati Mamra na ladoo