Kadale kalu usli/ black chana sundal

Kadale kalu usli kadale kalu usli Kadale kalu usli/ black chana sundal kadale kalu usli4


Black chana is predominantly used during religious ceremonies. It is usually made as a spicy usal or sundal and served during poojas and ceremonies. Ganesh puja, Naga chauti and during Mangal Gowri puja it is prepared. Today is Naga Chauti and thought I will post the recipe of kadale kalu usli  / black chana sundal. It is tasty and can be prepared more often as a snack or accompaniment. (more…)

Bisebelebath, popular karnataka recipe

bisebelebath Bisebelebath, popular karnataka recipe bisebelebath3 672x372
It’s that time of the year, when the weather is wonderful and our heart calls out to enjoy. It’s the season of fun and frolic. Time to celebrate with colours, yes it’s Holi.  To mark this ocassion I present  to  all of you, a dish very close to my heart, Bisebelebath, a popular recipe from Karnataka. It is a one pot meal which can be relished on many occasions. A rice savoury with lentils and vegetables makes a good meal with some papads. (more…)