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Tasty pickles online

Pickles need no introduction. It is commonly used along with meals as an accompaniment. It is stacked in earthen jars for annual consumption in most households. They are  side dishes which makes the food appealing, bring liveliness to the platter and gives a sense of contentment.  Continue reading Tasty pickles online

Spicy chipotle chili corn soup

I love this month, the climate is pleasant and as the year comes to an end, it’s time for some celebrations and parties. Winter calls for hot soups and crispy fries. Continuing with my Mexican Cuisine, today I present to you  Spicy Chipotle Chili Corn Soup. It’s delicious and guilt free. Believe me, I tried to do with less cream and it tastes equally good. Continue reading Spicy chipotle chili corn soup

Spanish rice with chipotle adobado

Spanish rice is a flavourful rice which can be easily prepared with a few ingredients. It is awesome and  has a unique flavour. The hint of chipotle adobado sauce gives a earthy and distinct flavor to it. This is a new dimension to my cooking and I am absolutely loving it.

Spanish rice is ideal for the lunch box. It can be made quickly. It is tasty and different. Continue reading Spanish rice with chipotle adobado