Sabzis and gravies

  1. Stuffed Capsicum  Made in microwave
  2. Dal Palak  Spinach cooked in healthy way
  3. Stuffed Bhendi  Tasty is its name
  4. Green peas Masala authentic north indian dish
  5. Delicious Malai Kofta
  6. Potatoes in spinach gravy
  7. Healthy Beetroot Stir fry
  8. Rajasthani Gatte Ki Sabzi
  9. Healthy Carrot Corn Stir Fry
  10. Alu Methi
  11. Black eyed bean veggie
  12. Vegetable Curry
  13. Okra with tomatoes
  14. Dal with methi
  15. Green gram veggie
  16. Stuffed Cucumber
  17. Potato veggie,the northern style
  18. Potatoes tossed in cumin








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