This is a popular dish of Kerala. It is lightly spiced with various kinds of umpteen vegetables. It makes a good dish when you have a stack of veggies at home or a few assorted ones. It is usually served with rice but can also be eaten with chapati.

Take different vegetables as beans,carrot,cucumber, beetroot, radish, potato and cut them into small pieces. Boil the veggies and keep aside.

Grind a bowl of fresh coconut,  two teaspoon of cumin seeds and three green chillies to a paste.

Make the seasoning with a pinch of asafoetida,turmeric powder and curry leaves. Now, pour the veggies sans water. Add salt and the ground paste and mix well. Serve hot.


Rice porridge

This is a dish of South Kanara. It is cooked in coconut milk to give a pleasant aroma . It is an ideal food for summer as it has cooling properties on the body.

The rice is cooked slowly in an utensil directly with a lot of water. Meanwhile,the coconut milk is extracted by grinding with water and passing through a sieve.

This milk along with salt  is put to the rice which is slowly being cooked. After, boiling for an  hour, it is removed and served.

Coconut chutney

This is ideal with idly and dosa. It can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator. Use fresh coconut for a good taste.

The ingrdients that you need are:

1 bowl of grated fresh coconut

2 tablesppon of roasted groundnuts

4 green chillies roasted in a little oil with curry leaves

2 teaspoon of tamarind pulp


oil for seasoning

goes with anything!
goes with anything!


Grind all the ingrdients together with some water. Remove into a serving bowl and add the seasoning.


Potato Veggie

This vegetable is ideally served with dosa along with coconut chutney. It gives the zing to the dish which is irressistible. Thin,crisp dosas smeared with red onion chutney and a serving of this veggie with a dollop of butter is a sheer delight on a Sunday morning!

The ingredients that you need are

4 boiled potatoes

2 onions cut into thin long strips

3 green chillies cut into pieces

a spoon of cumin seeds

half a spoon of grated ginger

a quarter spoon of turmeric powder

a pinch of asafoetida

salt according to your taste buds

a little bit of oil

curry leaves and coriander leaves for garnishing


Take oil in a kadai and make the seasoning with cumin seeds, ginger, turmeric powder,asafoetida, green chillies and curry leaves. Add the cut onions to it and saute for a while. I prefer onions, cut this way for masala dosa. Then, mash the potatoes and add to it. Add salt and garnish with coriander leaves.


Phirni  is a dessert which is very popular in North India. It is made of milk. It tastes best when served chilled. It is easy to make and can be made beforehand.


1 litre of milk

3 tbsp of rice flour

4 tbsp  of sugar

a few strands of saffron

vanilla essence

cashewnuts and almonds

a spoon of ghee



Boil milk with saffron strands. Add sugar. Now, slowly add the rice flour and keep stirring so that no lumps are formed.  Allow to cook for a minute and turn off. Add dry fruits roasted in ghee and vanilla essence to it and mix well. Serve chilled.


This is a popular breakfast in South India.  The batter is kept handy in the refrigerator. If you have the batter, you can make variety of dishes with it.

The ingredients that you need are

4 cups of rice

1 cup of urad dal

a bowl of parched rice

simply south!
simply south!


Soak the rice and urad dal in water for five hours. Grind to a fine paste  along with soaked parched rice. The batter is ready. Allow it to ferment overnight.

To make dosa:

Add salt to the batter and mix it.

Take the required quantity of batter in a bowl.

Heat the tawa. Smear oil on it.  Take a ladle full and pour it and spread it into a thin pancake. Smear some oil on it.

When done, serve hot with coconut chutney and potato vegetable.



This is one of the most popular dishes of north india. It is an all time favourite of kids and adults alike. It is made of kabuli chana , which is called as chick pea in english.


Why is this dish so popular?

First and foremost, it is tasty. It is one of the dishes which has been passed through generations. It can be eaten with a wide range of Indian breads, be it chapati, phulka, nan, rot ,purii or even bread. With puri or bhatura, it is called as channa bhature or relished with white bread as pav chole.


The ingredients that you need are:

1 bowl of chick pea

3 onions

3 tomatoes

1/2 inch ginger

4 cloves garlic

1 boiled potato

3 cloves

2 cardamom

1/2 inch cinnamon

3 tsp chana masala

1 tsp chilli powder

salt to taste

coriander leaves for garnishing


Soak the chick peasovernight  in sufficient quantity of water.

Chop the onions into chunks.

Make a incision on the tomatoes and put them in hot water. Peel the skin after ten minutes.

Grind the onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic together into a puree.

Pressure cook  the chick peas with a tea bag in them.

Take oil in a kadai, add the spices and then add the puree. Saute  for sometime, the oil should seperate. Then, mash the potato and add to it and mix well. Now, add the chana masala and chilli powder and continue to saute for two more minutes. Add  salt and water to make a gravy.

Once boiled for sometime, then put the chick peas and simmer on low flame for tenmore minutes.  Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.



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