aloo jeera

At the outset, wishing all my readers a very happy Dusshera. May your lives be filled with peace and happiness. Aways strive to choose the right path, for there is nothing to fear and truth always wins.

I am sure there are many potato fans out there. It is a versatile vegetable which can be used for fasting days or even for parties. My family loves this veggie in any form, thus it is easy to cook on  busy days also. I have learnt various ways to cook it. Aloo jeera aka Potatoes tossed in cumin is tasty and makes a good accompaniment with chapati or roti. Continue reading aloo jeera

Delicious Okra stir fry, no onion garlic

Okra, commonly called as bhendi or lady finger is one of the loved vegetables at home. I prepare various kind of dishes with it. Some are using onion. This Okra stir fry is tasty and contains no onion or garlic. Continue reading Delicious Okra stir fry, no onion garlic

Sauted Green apple

Green apples are yet another kind of apples that we love binging on. The Granny Smith variety are the usual ones that we find here.They are crisp and tart , ideal to be used in cooking. These sauted green apples are just too good, beleive me !  Continue reading Sauted Green apple