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Vanilla pudding, how to make vanilla pudding

Summer has begun to show its colours. It’s time to bring all our dessert recipes on roll again. Why not try something different this season? Vanilla pudding is delicious and easy to make dessert. It can be made easily. Continue reading Vanilla pudding, how to make vanilla pudding

Pomegranate Mousse method of vegetarian mousse

Pomegranate is another fruit that we bring regularly. I use it regularly to garnish my salads (fruit or vegetable) or in curds rice. Anywhere, it imparts more taste to the food. Of late, I am extracting juice and using it in a couple of desserts. It tastes awesome. Presenting to you “pomegranate mousse”. Continue reading Pomegranate Mousse method of vegetarian mousse

Choco Vanilla Kulfi

Kulfi is an Indian dessert which is made using  full fat milk. It is delicious and a  sheer happiness to indulge in any season. Many versions of Kulfi are prepared. Here is a Two-in-One Kulfi,  Choco Vanilla Kulfi, which is an amalgamation of vanilla and chocolate flavour with a tinge of syrup seeping through it. Continue reading Choco Vanilla Kulfi

Pear Ice cream

It’s been sometime,  I have posted any recipe. Sorry for the same.   I was working on my e-book, glad to inform you all  that my kindle edition of  “South Indian Breakfast”  is now available on Amazon. And to mark this  occasion, I am presenting an ice cream here. Ice creams are the favourite dessert of one and all. Anytime, we can indulge in eating it. Pear ice cream is the tastiest one I have ever eaten.  It’s yummy,  it’s different! Continue reading Pear Ice cream

Mango parfait guilt free dessert

I love making desserts , they are so yummy isn’t it?  With mangoes, its been a bonanza for me. I recently made a healthy one,  it’s low in calories  and was delicious too – Mango parfait for the weight watchers or the calorie conscious. Continue reading Mango parfait guilt free dessert