Review of Philips Hand Blender

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Summer has begun to show its colours. The mercury level seems to be increasing with each passing year.  Thus we need cool soothing food. Ice creams, milkshakes and sorbet are ideal and easy to make.

Hand blender is one essential and most useful gadget in the kitchen. It is one of the appliances that I can never really live without, a gadget I use everyday. Milkshakes,  ice creams, cakes, buttermilk,  lassi, butter are some of the things that I use this appliance the most.

Milkshakes are tasty and healthy. Kids and adults both like it. You can make variety of milk shakes. Some of them are banana milkshake, banana and dates milk shake, mango milk shake. Smoothies are also healthier and ideal for weight watchers.

Buttermilk is good for digestion and ideal for people of all ages. Whip the curds for a few seconds and you have a nice frothy one!

Lassi is sweetened buttermilk with a dash of cream and nuts. It is ideal for summer. Children will love this one.

Ice creams and sorbets are summer foods. One can eat it to hearts content.

It can be used to make a puree of vegetables or fruits to feed babies.

Butter can be churned very easily.

Here are some of the recipes using blender :

Pear ice cream, Strawberry Ice cream, Fig Milk shake with chocolate sauce, Mango milk shake, Punjabi Lassi

Philips hand blender is a good gadget. I have been using it past two years and it is in good condition. It is sturdy and easy to use.

It has powerful 600 watts motor with double action blade. It has soft touch grip and buttons. A  chopper accessory is provided which is very handy to cut green chilly or ginger. It also comes with an half litre measurement beaker. You can check the link below

Cleaning of blender is easy. It can be detached and washed under running water.  You can even  take some water in a bowl with liquid cleaner. Give a swirl and all the grime is removed easily.

Disclaimer: All views and opinions are of the author. It is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Sounds like a handy gadget!

  2. Mamta Sharma says:

    No doubt it is too useful ,specially in summer .

  3. Sarah Bean says:

    Oh very cool! And we over here love smoothies 😉

  4. Patrick H says:

    perfect for making adult slush drinks on the patio too 😉

  5. Sounds like a nice appliance to have in the kitchen. It being easy to clean would be a big plus for me, since a lot of specialized appliances are not. It also seems easy to store. I will keep in mind for the future! 🙂

Review of Philips Hand Blender