Banana Smoothie

Bananas , store house of nutrients, love to use this fruit in as many ways as I can. Unlike other fruits, it is available all round the year and these fruits are always in store at home. Banana smoothie is another way to use this fruit.


Banana 2

Yoghurt 1 cup

honey 2tsp

banana smoothie  Banana Smoothie DSC01652 1024x768

banana smoothie


Keep the bananas in freezer for sometime. Blend all ingredients together. Serve immediately.

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recipe image  Banana Smoothie DSC01652
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Banana Smoothie
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  1. Nice creamy and smooth.. Lovely

  2. shubha says:

    yummm.. slurp slurp:)

  3. Padma says:

    Yummy and filling smoothie:)

Banana Smoothie