Banana and apple smoothie

Smoothie are an healthy alternative for the calorie conscious.It is a blend of various ingredients with or without yoghurt.  Various kinds of smoothies can be prepared. One can prepare of different vegetables or a combination  with green vegetables. Here is one kind,using fruits, banana and apple smoothie, to keep you going for long hours.

Smoothies are considered to be the new age food. It helps for the calorie conscious to adhere to a perfect diet.

Ingredient :

Banana 2
green apple 1
yoghurt 1 cup
honey 1tsp
banana and apple smoothie
banana and apple smoothie


Method :

Cut the fruits into chunks and freeze for sometime.Blend all ingredients together. Serve immediately.


Note : You can use the regular apples too. Sugar may be added but I avoid it, honey is added instead.

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Banana and apple smoothie
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