I am glad to share this recipe with you all today. As the title suggests, it is ” Semolina Dosa ” but of a different kind.This is part of our blog hop with the theme “dosas” . Hence, you can have a galore of dosas today.

Usually semolina dosa, is an instant dosa , which is made by mixing a few flours and other ingredients together.. But, here,the urad dal is soaked and made to a batter.  it is then mixed with semolina and  let to ferment  for  eight hours, the outcome is a wonderful blend of aromatic and crispy dosas. I am really in awe with this dosa, thanks to my mom.


Ingredients :

urad dal 1 cup
semolina 2 cups
salt to taste


Semolina Dosa
Semolina Dosa


Method :

Soak urad dal for two hours. Grind to a fine paste. Mix the semolina  and allow to ferment. The batter is thick, unlike other dosa batters. One needs to add water to the required consistency. Heat a skillet, smear some oil, take a ladle full of batter, pour it and sizzle it in circular shape, from inner to outer side. Put a spoon of oil and let cook till brown. Remove and serve with coconut chutney or onion chutney.

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  1. I love Rava Dosa and these Dosas look Super Yummy. Would so love to have them dear with a coconut chutney and sagu. You have also so nicely explained the process of making that I am tempted to make the batter at home rather then buying the readymade ones with preservatives. Very Nice dear.

  2. caught a glimpse of this crispy looking awesome dosa on G+ ever since have been wishing to visit you hoping for a closer look. going to try these for sure! tq Jayashree for sharing and to your mum for this wonderful recipe.

  3. I’m a huge fan of semolina dosa! Love the fact that it is so crispy and easy to prepare. thanks for sharing an awesome recipe, Jayashree!

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