Kanchipuram Idli

With the summer showing it’s true colours, I am on an Idli spree,I think nothing is more comforting in the blazing heat. After the semolina idli, we come to the kanchipuram idli. 

This recipe is ideal to make when you have leftover idli batter in the refrigerator. It is often regarded as a boredom to eat anything more than once a week. This is easy to make and tasty,needs no accompaniment and  ideal for breakfast or at  tea time.

Ingredients :

  • Idli batter 1/2 kg

  • bengal gram 2tbsp

  • green chilli 2

  • ginger 1 inch

  • coriander 1/2 bunch

  • cumin 1tsp

  • oil 1tsp

  • mustard 1/4tsp

  • asafoetida 1/4tsp 


Kanchipuram idli  Kanchipuram Idli DSC02279 1024x768

Kanchipuram idli


Method :

  • Soak bengal gram in water for an hour.

  • Wash coriander leaves and grind it along with green chilli and ginger.

  • In a small pan, make the seasoning,add the mustard seeds, as they crackle add cumin and curry leaves. Add it to the batter.

  • Drain water from the soaked bengal gram, and put it along with a pinch of salt.

  • Take a seperator and smear some oil in it. Pour the batter, to half the quantity.

  • Heat water in a pressure cooker and let cook without whistle until done.

  • Remove and cut it diagonally into pieces.

  • Tasty kanchipuram idlis are ready to serve.


Kanchipuram idli  Kanchipuram Idli DSC02279 1024x768

Kanchipuram idli


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  1. Anu Nagaraja says:

    ah! yum!! seasoned idli, flavorsome idli. love it 🙂

  2. Wonderful super delicious idlis☺

  3. shubha says:

    deliciously healthy..superb!!

  4. Savita @ ChefDeHome says:

    I never tried Kanchipuram idli before! Thanks for sharing recipe, Jayashree!

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Kanchipuram Idli