Mixed sprouts veggie

Sprouts are storehouse of nutrients and it is highly recommended in a vegetarian diet. Make the sprouts and keep them handy. They can be used for various purposes. Here is a recipe of mixed sprouts veggie which is tasty and easy to make. It is ideal for lunch box along with chapati.

 You can use varied kinds of lentils. I have used moong, chana , horse gram and cow pea. You can try different versions here.

Ingredients :

  • mixed sprouts 2 bowls
  • onion 1
  • green chilly 3
  • coriander leaves 1/2 bunch
  • ginger 1inch
  • garlic 2 cloves (optional )
  • oil 2tsp
  • cumin 1/2 tsp
  • turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
  • asafoetida a pinch
  • salt to taste
mixed sprouts veggie  Mixed sprouts veggie mixed sprouts veggie 1024x842

mixed sprouts veggie

Preparation :

Make a paste of ginger,garlic,green chilly and coriander. Keep it aside. Cut onion into small pieces. Heat oil in a wok, make seasoning and add the onions, when they turn pale in colour add the sprouted pulses with salt and let cook. When done ,add the ground paste, and let boil to absorb the flavour. Serve mixed sprouts with chapatis or jowar rotis.


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recipe image  Mixed sprouts veggie mixed sprouts veggie
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Mixed Sprouts Veggie
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  1. Sarah Jackson says:

    Ooh! That sounds delicious Jayashree! Is it very spicy? I can’t handle much more than mild spice. If it’s hot, what would I need to remove to make it ok for a wimp’s tastebuds?!

  2. shubha says:

    healthy and nutritious!!

  3. Padma says:

    Very nutritious dear…Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Gauri says:

    A healthy nutritious snack! Sounds great 🙂

Mixed sprouts veggie