Sweet Rice

Celebrations and sweets go hand in hand. As this year comes to an end ,here is a sweet dish for you all. May the year ahead be filled with immense joy and prosperity. Wishing all my readers a joyous 2015!

           This colourful, aromatic dish is commonly made in Indian households during festivals and loved by all. Sweet rice is a delicious treat with aroma of strands of saffron and dry fruits infused into it. It can be prepared by preparing a sugar syrup of two thread consistency or by letting cook slowly where the sugar dissolves. I am using the second method here.

sweet rice


  • rice 1 cup
  • sugar 1 cup
  • saffron 1 pinch
  • cloves 2
  • cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
  • milk 1tbsp
  • ghee or clarified butter  1/2 cup


  • Add warm milk to saffron strands and keep aside.
  • Roast the cashewnuts along with cloves in a little ghee and keep aside.
  • Take a thick bottomed vessel ,wash the rice ,add adequate quantity of water and allow to cook on a low flame. Put the saffron into it.
  • When the rice is cooked,add  sugar and ghee to it , stir and allow to cook on low heat.
  • Later,add cardamom powder and garnish with dry fruits.


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