Idli the ideal breakfast

Idli is a popular south indian breakfast. It is healthy and makes an ideal food for the day. It is the favourite of most children and makes a good snack for their box.

Today, various kinds of idlis are prepared. I am giving you the easiest method today.

The ingredients that you need are:

1 bowl of urad dal

2 bowl of idli semolina ( available in the super market)


Wash the urad dal and soak in water for one and a half hour.

Grind into a fine paste by using adequate amount of water.

Soak the semolina in water for ten minutes.

Mix it with the ground batter.

Keep it in a warm place for eight hours. It needs to ferment.

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The next day, add salt to the water and mix it . If the consistency is thick, add some water.

Pour the batter into idli moulds and cook it in a idli  pan or pressure cooker.

It normally requires twenty minutes to be done. At first, keep it on a medium flame,later reduce it. Idlis are ready to serve.

Serve hot with chutney and sambar.

Chutney recipe


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Idli the ideal breakfast