Pear Ice cream

It’s been sometime , I have posted any recipe. Sorry for the same.I was working on my e-book, glad to inform that my kindle edition of ” South Indian Breakfast” is now available on Amazon. And to mark this  ocassion, I am presenting an ice cream here.Ice- creams are the favourite dessert of one and all. Anytime, we can indulge in eating it. Pear ice cream is the tastiest one I have ever eaten.  It’s yummy, it’s different ! Continue reading Pear Ice cream

Frankie, potato wrap in steps

Potatoes are not only handy when we do not have any vegetables in the refrigerator, they are versatile too. One can use them in all the dishes, yes even sweets too, they do make a halwa of it ! Yes, today’s dish is of potato,but not a sweet one.  I will be presenting you with Frankie or  Potato Wrap , as some say it. Continue reading Frankie, potato wrap in steps

Soya chunks pulav

Soya chunks pulav is tasty and easy to make one pot meal, providing with the necessary proteins to the body. Soyabean is a good source of nutrition for vegetarians and these chunks can be used easily in cooking.
Being a vegetarian, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, legumes and pulses play an important role in our diet on daily basis. Of late, quinoa and soya have made their existence.
soya chunks pulav
soya chunks pulav

I have added beet and cauliflower also along with the regular veggies. Soya chunks are of “Nutrela”  brand. While boiling, adding a pinch of salt gives taste to it.  Do take a look at the recipe, I have tweaked it than the usual one and it was good.  Over to the recipe of SOYA CHUNKS PULAV

Soya chunks pulav
Recipe Type: Rice dishes
Cuisine: Indian
Author: Jayashree @evergreendishes
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
A tasty and healthy dish that can be easily made.
  • Measurement : 1 cup=250ml
  • rice (basmati) 1 cup
  • beans 15-20
  • carrot 1
  • cauliflower 1/4
  • beetroot 1/2
  • onion 2 (small)
  • cloves 3
  • cardamom 3
  • cinnamon 1 inch
  • shahjeera 1/2tsp
  • bay leaf 1
  • mint leaves 1/2 cup
  • coriander 1 cup
  • green chilly 1
  • ginger 1 inch
  • garlic 5 cloves
  • oil ghee mixture 3 tbsp
  • salt to taste
  • water 2 cups
  • soya chunks 30
  1. Cut the veggies into small pieces and put them seperately in water.
  2. Wash and soak the rice in water for fifteen minutes.
  3. Grind mint leaves, coriander, green chilly, ginger, garlic and two tablespoon of onion to a paste.
  4. Take the oil -ghee mixture in a pressure cooker and throw in the spices. After a few seconds, put the onions and saute them for a while.
  5. Now, add the beans and saute them.
  6. Throw in the carrots, beet and cauliflower, in the order and mix accordingly.
  7. Add the rice and gently mix it.
  8. Put the green paste and saute for thirty seconds.
  9. Add two cups of water and salt. Mix thoroughly.
  10. Close the lid and keep the whistle. Cook for one whistle.
  11. Put the soya chunks in water with a little salt. Boil for two minutes.
  12. Once the pressure releases, remove the lid and gently mix it.
  13. Sueeze the water from the soya chunks and put it in the pulav.
  14. Serve with onion raita or any gravy.
Pulav is mildly spiced. Add more chilly if you want it spicy.[br]I prefer using the mixture of oil and ghee for cooking pulav. You may use only ghee or clarified butter if you wish.[br]You can cook this in a rice cooker too. Follow steps upto 8 and then put it in the rice cooker, add water and salt and put it in power mode


ingredients for grinding
ingredients for grinding

Grind coriander, mint leaves, ginger, green chilly and cloves of garlic, along with two tablespoon of onions.


Veggies at a glance.

green paste
green paste

The paste is ready.


The spices that I used.

cooking in steps
cooking in steps

Heat the oil ghee mixture. Add the spices and let it splutter for a few seconds. Then, add the onions.

cooking in steps
cooking in steps

Once the onions are partially cooked. add the vegetables as beans, carrot, beet root, cauliflower accordingly. Finally add the rice. Again give a stir.

cooking in steps
cooking in steps

Now, add the green paste and mix gently. After thirty seconds, add water and salt. Give a stir, close the lid and keep the whistle. Allow to cook for one whistle.

soya chunks
soya chunks

Boil the soya chunks in water for two minutes. Squeeze the water out  and add to the pulav. Put a pinch of salt while boiling them.

soya chunks pulav
soya chunks pulav

Once the pressure releases, remove the lid and gently mix the veggies and rice together. Add the soya chunks to it and serve.

soya chunks pulav
soya chunks pulav

Soya chunks Pulav is ready to serve. You can use onion raita or any gravy along with it.

If you are using a rice cooker, you can follow the same steps until you saute the rice, then put it in the electric cooker and add the water.

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Sabudana wada in Appe pan/ sago snack

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Coconut Cucumber Cooler

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joy of eating good food

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